Celebrate Men with Bradford Pharmacy since June Is Men's Health Awareness Month!

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Men often talk about news, politics and sports with their friends. That’s great, but this month, men across the country are encouraged to talk about something else: their health. 

The month of June is dedicated to Men's Health. 

The reality about men is that we strive to keep a simplistic view of our lives. The old motto “ If it isn't broke, it doesn't need fixin' “ rings true to the male gender as a general rule. If we are intolerable pain, we usually believe that it will eventually go away. This is a learned behaviour passed down from past generations of male influences in our lives. While this may apply to some ailments, this mindset can eventually get us in trouble.

As men, we need to heighten awareness of preventable health problems. We should encourage procedures for early detection of any types of diseases that may be present. We must also adjust our lifestyles to become more healthy. The treatment of disease among men and boys can make a huge difference with proper treatment. With cancer mortality being greater among men than women, it is important that men are reminded to take necessary steps to protect themselves against diseases.

Lung cancer death rates have been reduced in number over the past 30 years. But many thousands will lose their lives each year to the disease. Although lung cancer is directly linked to tobacco use, the act of quitting is not an easy task for some. Fortunately, there is a screening method to aid in early detection of lung cancer. Blood work can also detect certain abnormalities.

Doctor Robert Ridgeway of Manning recommends that for men and women, the use of tobacco products will have detrimental effects on their bodies.

“Smoking is the primary cause of of lung cancer and emphysema,” said Ridgeway. “Other lifestyle changes, such as exercise and a proper diet, can also contribute to being more healthy. Technology has caused us to become less active. Just like me, more exercise can help with that extra weight that we carry around.”

Prostate cancer is ranked as the most common cancer among men. It is estimated that nearly 175,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. While there is little evidence in prevention methods for prostate cancer, it is possible to screen for abnormalities. Additionally, if a man notices that he is having issues with urination, he needs to see a doctor immediately. The warning signs of prostate cancer can include weak or interrupted urine flow, frequent urination, discomfort while urinating or blood in the urine.

Doctor William Aldrich, MD, encourages his patients to schedule regular annual screenings at different stages of their life.

“Get your PSA blood work tested to check for any abnormal antigen levels. Also, a routine colonoscopy should always be on the list that men should follow to maintain their health,” said Aldrich. “ These are even more important when you reach the age of 50.”

The death rate due to colon cancer has decreased significantly to over half of what it was in the early 70's but continues to be the third leading cause of cancerous deaths in men. This success rate is due in part to the advancement made in treatments, as well as better screening techniques. Colonoscopies are used to screen for polyps before they become cancerous. 
Celebrate Men with Bradford Pharmacy since June Is Men's Health Awareness Month!
Celebrate Men with Bradford Pharmacy since June Is Men's Health Awareness Month!
A colonoscopy is recommended every five to ten years for people of average risk. While there are many steps each man can take to live a healthier life, starting with cancer prevention and regular screening is a great first step. 

We must take the initiative to “man up” and take control of our health.

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Our Contact Numbers Are:
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