Nivea - Shine Control (Facial Wash)

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Nivea - Daily Essentials Shine Control Facial Wash Gel 150ml Deeply cleanses and purifies oily skin. It contains Active Shine Regulator to reduce excess oil and prevent shine. 

It leaves your skin feeling revitalised.

Description: Nivea Facial Wash Gel.

Detailed Description: Nivea® daily essentials shine control facial wash gel. Enriched with ocean algae & Hydra IQ: Deeply cleanses with purifying micro-scrubs to reduce and prevent impurities. 

Reduces excess sebum to prevent shine with its purifying formula while respecting skin's own moisture balance. The formula with ocean algae revitalises the skin. 
  • Moisture hydra IQ effect. 
  • See and feel beautiful skin. 
  • The skin is deeply cleansed and mattified, looking healthy and beautiful. 

Marketing description: 
  • Nivea. 
  • Daily essentials. 
  • Shine control facial wash gel.
  • Combination & oily skin. 
  • Deeply cleanses and mattifies for pure and shine-free skin. 
  • With ocean algae & Hydra IQ.

Brand: Nivea

Endorsements: Skin Compatibility Dermatologically Approved

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Our Contact Numbers Are:
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